Sunday, September 9, 2007

Long Distance Recumbents

This site is dedicated to providing you with a listing of riders who are successfully using their recumbents for long distance rides [randoneering & ultra racing]. Each rider profile is listed alphabetically and will discuss what recumbent they are riding as well as how they have set it up.

The variety of recumbents being used highlights the fact that there is no one "right" solution to long distance riding on these types of bikes. If you are new to recumbents by reading the various profiles you'll see what is working for others and hopefully get some inspiration as to what might be a good solution to your own needs. If you are an experienced recumbent rider it is hoped this site will give you some ideas that may improve your own long distance experience. If you are a long distance bent veteran with randoneering and/or ultra racing experience and wish to contribute to this site your input is welcomed.

PBP 2007 pics from Velovelo.

How to find an entry?

By rider: the entries are alphabetized using the rider's last name.

Search: you can enter any search string into the search box at the top left of the page. It will bring up any entries that match.


Steeker said...

again excellent site! what I would like know from the all the long distance bent drivers presented here is which seat angle do they find the best for long rides ???

Griya Mobil Kita said...

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prolix said...

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Beth said...

Recumbent bikes are great not only for long distance treks but also short distance bikes. I use mine to go everywhere now and I see the benefits not only from a health standpoint but a recreational one as well. Regards!

rogcha said...

I wouldn't ride anything else! I'm taking my "Pimp" (Optima Lynxx +) From Cairns to Brisbane via Longreach in September. You can follow my progress..

rogcha said...

Well, not too many bent riders are using this site! My tour was brilliant! 2500km over 20 days. I've now explored 2200km of Brisbane cycle ways and I've never met another recumbent bicycle! Maybe I'll have to go further south. :-)

rogcha said...
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