Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Joe Keenan - Bacchetta Giro 20 & RANS V-Rex

Location: Home is Portland Oregon but living in Shanghai China 10 months of the year.

Rando Experience: Started in late 2001 because I enjoy long distance cycling. Complete full SR series in 2003.

Bent Make/Model Current: '06 Bacchetta Giro 20 & '98 V-Rex customized with Bacchetta seat and handlebars along with S&S couplers for traveling. SOLD: '99 Bike Friday SAT R DAY, '03 Bacchetta Strada

Why did you start riding bents?
Bad back and hurt like crazy to pedal uphill on a DF. Fellow DF member said: "You might try a recumbent".
- why did you pick this model Bought a '98 V-Rex in the fall of 1998. Few companies then. After much internet discussion it seemed like the best bang for the buck. Glad I bought it.

Modifications from stock:
Exchanged RANS seat for Bacchetta EuroMesh seat. Changed rear cogset to an 11-34 along with small ring to a 26. Changed RANS handlebars for Bacchetta "tweener" handlebars.

Lighting: Basic lighting is a Cateye EL500 and a Cateye Power OptiCube. On Rando rides use a Petzl Duo Headlamp. Rear or standard Planet Bike tail lights. - fenders Stock Rans and Bacchetta fenders.

Luggage: Bacchetta OFA and Brain Box bags supplemented with Fastback Norback tool pack.

Navigation: Cateye Seven Wireless and a Garmin Foretrex 101.

Bent specific riding techniques:
On long rides I simply pick gears that let me know I'm working but not exerting and I don't care what speed it is.

Eating/drinking on a bent: Gatorade only. On rides less than 300K I will use only Gatorade and GU. No foods of any kind. On rides of 300K or longer, I will only consume SPIZ.

If you were to start again what bent/setup would you get? I'm happy with my current steeds, BUT if I was go buy a bent for strictly rando or long rides, I would go test ride a LWB faired bent (i.e. Tie Rush or Gold Rush or the new Rans V3) If I stayed with a SWB, I'd look at the Titanium Aero Basso. My main objective would be which bent climbs best and that's the one I'd use for rando rides. For strictly social rides or fun rides, I'm staying with my Grio20 and modified V-Rex. If I wanted as fast as I could go rec or social rides, I'd go to a Bacchetta Corsa and would also consider that for rando rides.


Kerry said...

Hi, I have a Rans Vrex and need a new seat. I wanted to know if it was difficult to modify the Bacchetta Euromesh to your Vrex?

-Kerry in AZ

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