Sunday, December 31, 2006

Dave Larrington - HP Velo Speedmachine & ICE Trice XXL

Dave's Website
Location: London, UK

Rando Experience: Started January 2005; 1st Super Randonneur series 2006 . Audax UK Recumbent Champion 2005-06 & probably 2006-07 as well.

Bent Make/Model: HP Velotechnik Speedmachine, ICE Trice XXL

Why did you start riding bents?:

Coz it's:
  • different, and
  • fun

Why did you pick these models:

Speedmachine: offered a good deal on it by Darth Stuart at Bikefix
Trice: wanted a trike with a hard-shell seat & 20" wheels all round...

Modifications from stock:

Speedmachine: built from frameset, so plenty of decidedly non-stock components
Trice: fitted Novosport / HP Velotechnik seat in place of original


Speedmachine: SON hub dynamo driving Solidlights 1203D LED front light; Cateye EL530 secondary; 2x Cateye LD600 rear
Trice: Lightspin sidewall dynamo driving B&M DLumotec Topal LED front light, 2xCateye EL530; 2x Cateye LD500 rear

Fenders: Front only on Speedmachine as tailbox keeps rear wheel detritus off me. On all three wheels on Trice

Luggage: Everything goes in the Speedmachine's tailbox; Trice uses either Carradice rack back or Creek2Peak for longer events where more Stuff is required

Navigation: Route sheet carried in A6 Ortlieb document pouch around my neck; maps (usually pages torn from road atlas) live (along with phone, money, cigarettes etc.) in A4 Ortleib pouch in The Luggage

Bent specific riding techniques: Distinctly individual gearing - if in doubt, err on the low side...=-)

Riding with other bents & DF bikes: Usually end up riding solo unless Garry Broad is around =-) Occasionally manage to cop a decent draft from a convenient tandem...

Eating on a bent: Rarely eat between controls. On the Speedmachine it requires a stop, but on the Trice I can sometimes fish a cereal bar out of the side pocket of the rack bag without riding into a tree

If you were to start again what bent/setup would you get?: Something semi-low but considerably lighter than the Speedmachine. Must-haves: tailbox, disc brakes, ability to tow BoB trailer. Nice-to-haves: suspension, HP Velotechnik / Novosport seat. Considering a VK2 in time for PBP 2011 but the state of the art may will probably have moved on a fair way by then.


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