Friday, April 27, 2007

Glenn Druery - Velokraft Nocom

Location: Sydney Australia

Rando Experience:
  • RAAM 2005
  • RAAM 2007
  • 2003 Paris Brest Paris
  • 2007 PBP
  • 200km Audax Australia Alpine Classic LOTS of times.
  • Numerous 12hr, 24hr, race events
  • HEAPS of 600km, 400km, 300km 200km and Brevets
  • LOTS of long distance touring in Australia, France, Germany, USA, Canada, Switzerland
  • Sri Chinmoy 400km cycle race in 11hrs 57mins
  • member of:
    • the UltraMarathon Cycling Association
    • Australian Time Trials Assoc
    • Audax Australia and Waratahs CC
Bent Make/Model: Velokraft No Com & Optima Baron (not used since 04 would you like to buy it?)

Why did you start riding bents? Speed and comfort

Why did you pick this model? Speed and a very cool bike!

Modifications from stock: lights for Brevets

Lighting: 2 x Cateye 530

Fenders: none

Luggage: Storage in splitter plate cavities

Navigation: follow vehicle in RAAMs & route notes for Brevets

Riding with other bents & DF bikes: No problems

Eating on a bent: All the time

If you were to start again what bent/setup would you get? LOVE the speed and style of the No Com but would like a High Racer for touring


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